Careers & Work Experience

Work Experience – 16th – 20th July 2018

  • ALL year 10 students will complete a 5 day work experience placement. Students must attend the placement for 5 days and any absence should be avoided during this time. If for any reason a student cannot attend they must attend school instead. If you are absent you must contact both the placement and the school.
  • It is strongly recommended that you try and arrange your own placement as soon as possible.  Remember, every student in year 10 in the country will do a work placement this year and many of the local secondary schools do work experience in the same week as us so if you want a placement with a company you must act fast and get in their first!
  • During the week, a member of staff, often your form tutor, will visit you at the placement. The report that this member of staff and the employer complete will form a large section of your year 11 reference that will be sent to any further education institutions, training providers or employment opportunities that you apply in post 16.
  • You will write about your work experience in your progress file in year 11 which you will take with you on interviews when you leave school and depending on how this is completed, this could help you get employed or gain a college place!


Finding a Placement

  • Before contacting any places please check the school placement’s list first to check the company that you want does not appear on there. This is particularly important for all local primary schools. If they do, then see Mrs Busby to apply. If they don’t, you need to apply to them directly.
  • Contact as many places as possible. Unfortunately it is likely that the 1st place will say no, and possibly the 2nd – so keep on trying.
  • You could send letters, make phone calls or visit in person. You would get an immediate response if you phoned, however, writing a letter is entirely acceptable. If you do write a letter and you do not hear back from them after about 10 days, follow it up with a phone call. Keep a log of all the companies you have contacted and their responses.
  • If you want to work in any department of Dudley Council you MUST complete their standard application form, copies of which can be found in the LRC. They will not consider your request if this form is not completed.
  • If you are having trouble see Mrs Busby.
  • Once you have found a place and handed in either a green or yellow form, you will need to complete an application form. Only at this stage can a Health and Safety Inspector be sent to confirm that you can do this placement. This whole process takes several months which is why you need to arrange your placement now! The deadline for you to have completed either a green or yellow form and, therefore, have confirmed your placement is 1st 12th March 2018
  • If you need any help your form tutor and Mrs Busby are here to offer their guidance and support and you will have several Enrichment sessions to prepare for work experience but you must do the hard work yourself! Good luck in finding a place!

Key Dates to Remember:

29th September: Students have an assembly introducing them to all the information on work experience.  Students begin to phone, visit or write letters to gain a placement.

21st March: Deadline for all year 10 students to have found and confirmed their placement and handed in a yellow form to Mrs Busby.  (This will be green for students applying for a company on the school placement list).

16th – 20th July: Work Experience Week