Beacon Hill Academy Governors

Governing bodies have representatives of the school teaching and non-teaching staff, local authority, community, religious leaders and parents.

They are responsible for appointing the head teacher and also supporting them in their leadership role. Although they do not manage the school, they do help to set the strategic direction the school will take and they also help to draw up policies.

The governing body also approves the school budget and then reviews the school’s progress against that budget and also the objectives and targets that have been set.

Below is the Beacon Hill Academy Governing body/Academy Trust

Mrs. J. Bull
Mrs. J. BullPrincipal
Mr. R. Beese
Mr. R. BeeseChair of Governors/Director
Mr. N. Westwood
Mr. N. WestwoodVice Chair/Director
Mr. A. Lane
Mr. A. LaneDirector
Dr. Michael Emery
Dr. Michael EmeryResponsible Office
Mr. S. Male
Mr. S. MaleParent Governor
Mrs. Alison Durnall
Mrs. Alison DurnallStaff Governor
Mr. S. McEvoy
Mr. S. McEvoyParent Governor
Mr. I. Mander
Mr. I. ManderFounder Member
Mrs. Claire Gallagher
Mrs. Claire GallagherFounder Member
Mrs. Karen Ridley
Mrs. Karen RidleyFounder Member
Mrs. Julie Webster
Mrs. Julie WebsterTeacher Governor
Miss. R. Leigh
Miss. R. LeighTeacher Governor