On Saturday the 4th of February 2017 the High Arcal debate team travelled to Nottingham University to participate in a debating competition. It must be said that the university certainly possesses an impressive campus, both in terms of its size and architectural quality.
Once the event began, we were given a motion to debate. Our starting motion was ‘This house would morally condemn those who do not vocally protest against laws which target minority groups’. Once the motion and the room was provided, each team then had fifteen minutes preparation time. This was useful in the sense that we could develop ideas for the debate, which would depend on whether we were for or against the motion. During this time, we could also structure our arguments. I will say that there were very talented speakers at this event and it was respectful throughout.
We gained some valued experience from this event, specifically it was a great boost to our confidence. I would recommend it to other students as it is a superb  experience and can be really great in developing your eloquence.