Himley HouseHIMLEY

Head of House – Mrs Preston

Mrs Preston is currently in her third year of office at Himley House and is actively involved in every aspect of the house. Mrs Preston is extremely passionate about Himley House and has the belief that every child can make progress and aspire to being a leader in their own right.

“After three very successful years leading Himley House I am prouder than ever of our achievements. I care sincerely about the progress and well being of all of the students and the Himley team will do all we can to support our students to succeed. be that in an English exam or getting onto the football team. Here in Himley we value to full range of skills and talents our students have. Last year Aaron Chahal won a completion to design a new Himley Logo featuring a red dragon. This sums up the passion, determination and fire all Himley- ites have in their bellies!”