On the 25th January we had a once in a year opportunity to visit Aston University, Birmingham for a Deutsch International day. At around 12:30 we arrived at our destination. Thank you, Martin. We were welcomed by Claire the organiser of Routes into Languages, we were then placed into three groups with the other schools there, and we then studied three German speaking countries Austria, Belgium and Lichtenstein. Within minutes Lichtenstein (our group) were taken to our workshop up 7 flights of stairs, where our guest speaker Ben took us through the general facts about this very small country in between Austria and Switzerland. This increased our knowledge on German culture, giving us facts and information to transfer into a presentation. Given approximately an hour we transferred our thoughts and ideas into a colourful poster we came up with an idea on how to create an introduction to Lichtenstein. Ben kindly took us through the power point and helped us with which words to use and how to pronounce them.

Each group then presented their work in front of 200 students, teachers and a jury which included representatives from the Goethe institute, European Council and Aston University. The jury then selected which group was the best at teamwork and participation. A few minutes later we were pronounced as the winners of the competition! Our prize was an Aston University bag with stationery; memory stick and other goodies. We recommend this trip to anyone who wants to broaden their horizon and learn something new about German customs.