The High Arcal school pupil premium spend and impact 2015-16

Pupil Premium Strategic Statement

The High Arcal School received a total of £352,900 in Pupil Premium Allocation for 2015-16, including Looked After Children Pupil Premium.

The school’s rationale for allocating this money has always been to address the current inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage is directed to students who need it the most.

We believe that the difference in the achievement of Disadvantaged Students and their peers must be tackled at source if they are to have a long term impact.  This is why we dedicate a significant proportion of this budget to preventative work, working with families and Year 6 students to ensure more and more of our students and their parents are ‘ready to learn’ and have high levels of engagement.

In addition to this long term view however the school recognises that more short-term specific interventions are also required to ensure more Disadvantaged students make at least 3 levels Progress ( or the new Expected Progress levels under Progress 8), particularly in English and Maths so as to enhance their chances of accessing the most appropriate Post 16 pathway.

At The High Arcal School we are committed to developing every aspect of our students, taking a holistic view to education, developing confidence, self-esteem, leadership and cultural awareness.

1st SEPTEMBER 2015 – 31st AUGUST 2016

Pupil Premium Income 2013/14                                                    £352,900

The Review of Looked After Children Pupil Premium forms Appendix One of the document





1.    Additional English and Maths Teachers.


2.    Appointment of TLR post in English with responsibility for Middle Ability Pupil Premium students.


3.    Appointment of two HLTAs , one for maths and one for English


4.    Additional TA  for 1:1 and small group support work (SSC)


5.    Specialist teacher support for revision and study days during holidays and Saturdays


6.    Appointment of Lead Attendance Officer


7.    Subsidised trips Year 7, 8, 9 for Activities week and extra TA support.


8.    Additional Learning mentors x 2 and Parent Support Advisor.


9.    Staffing of the Personalised Learning Centre.


10. NDLP – closing the gap


11. Primary liaison co-ordinator  TLR


12. Alternative provision/curriculum enhancement