The Senior Crew – 2017/2018

The primary reason why High Arcal has a senior team of students is to allow the teaching body at school to have a team of elite students, ready to give their opinions and perspectives on new initiatives that they are thinking of implementing. In year 11, The Presidents & Vice residents were chosen after a rigorous selection process consisting of an application, speech, vote and interviews to form High Arcal’s senior crew through the duration of that academic year.

Throughout our time within our roles, we see it as our duty to do anything and everything possible to help to improve High Arcal and the lifestyles of those working at High Arcal. Additionally we are a team of students relied upon at events such as the sponsored walk and parents evenings to co-ordinate the team of senior prefects assisting with the event. Though a large proportion of our work consists of assisting key staff members, the majority of the work we do as a team originates from our own ideas stretching from new imaginative Enrichment days to an array of challenging academic inter-houses. Even though we have a strong team of Presidents, every member of the senior crew manages and is in charge of a certain area in the school. This ensures that the senior crew are able to implement dozens of fantastic ideas through their final year at High Arcal whilst being a cohesive team of students.