Of the experiences I have taken part in at the High Arcal the Shakespeare festival is one of the most enriching. To say that you have performed on a stage within a professional theatre, indeed is impressive. To create lifelong friends with the same interests as you is also wonderful.

This year’s performance was the classic Shakespearian production of Romeo and Juliet. Taking on a performance of such popularity was difficult, we all wanted to portray it in the best way possible as it is so well known. I was fortunate to be one among thirty individuals who took part in this experience.

The first part and one of the most nerve-wracking stages was the audition process; we each had to perform a certain amount of lines from a given extract. Once we each had performed our audition it was a waiting game- to find out who had earned which parts, with an all talented cast it must’ve been hard to choose, but a decision was reached with Harry Clee as Romeo and Molly Jarrot as Juliet the rehearsals went underway.

After practising weekly in preparation for the Shakespeare festival, the time soon arrived when we would be showcasing our talent to the excited audience. It was held on the 7th of November at the Lichfield Garrick theatre, and although we were very well prepared we were very glad of a full dress rehearsal to settle our nerves.

After our dress rehearsal came one of the most exciting parts, Domino’s pizza! We ate our delicious pizza just before the performance where we would perform alongside three other schools.

The time had finally arrived where we patiently waited backstage before we went on. Words cannot describe the concoction of nerves and excitement we felt. We performed our piece exceptionally and showed our full potential. All of us were very pleased with the turnout for the performance and we did our families and High Arcal proud.

I would like to thank the whole of the drama community as we worked well together as a cast but also many thanks will go to our Managing Directors being: Mrs Tomlinson and Mrs Johnson. But our performance would not have been the same without the help of Sadie Medd who assisted in being the Technical assistant managing the lighting and sound.

I thank High Arcal and the drama staff for the opportunity to be a part of this experience and playing the Nurse was one of the most uplifting feelings I have ever had.

Many thanks;

Sarah Paskin