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Opening eyes, minds and hearts
Our mission....
To unlock potential and develop confident individuals, independent learners and good citizens through a rich curriculum which expands students’ intellectual and cultural horizons.
At The High Arcal School
  • ·         We LISTEN to each other
  • ·         We RESPECT each other
  • ·         We LEARN together
Our vision....
In the academic year 2014 – 15:
  • ·         All staff operate their 26 expectations every day
  • ·         All students operate their 20 expectations every day
  • ·         Students can expect to receive good and outstanding teaching every lesson
  • ·         Students learn together and do not stop anyone else learning
  • ·         All students will make progress in every lesson
  • ·         All students are given opportunities to develop their leadership potential
  • ·         All students will have opportunities to develop their talents or skills
  • ·         All subjects across the curriculum provide opportunities for students to produce high
  •         quality written work
  • ·         All staff at every level will have a relentless focus on action to tackle underachievement
Measures of success will be (by Summer 2015):
·         At least 53% of students achieve 5 A* - C (including English and mathematics)
·         At least 75% of students make three levels of progress and 35% make four levels of
        progress by the end of Year 11 in English and mathematics
·         Progress in other subjects exceeds 70% 3 levels progress and 30% 4 levels progress
·         All groups of students in Year 7, 8 and 9 make beyond expected progress in English and
·         There are no achievement gaps in Year 7
·         Middle ability students (4c, 4b at KS2) make at least expected progress in English in all 
        year groups
·         Higher ability students make beyond expected progress in English and mathematics in
        all year groups
·         Writing tasks carried out by boys result in high levels of creativity and result in
        accelerated progress
·         Progress rates of SEN students and boys below level 4 are similar to progress rates of
        the rest of the year group
·         All students who come to High Arcal below level 4 make at least expected progress
·         Attendance for the year 2014 – 15 will be 94%
·         Persistent absence for the year 2014 – 15 will be below 7%
Mrs J Manson



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